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Shadow Hunter Total View Hunting Blind

This permanent hunting blind has openings on every side for the easiest and best access to a good shooting angle with corner windows for successful bow hunting. The Shadow Hunter Total View is a good option for those looking for a more permanent solution for hunting in areas where a hunting blind is needed. 


This Shadow Hunter Total View Hunting Blind is expensive, no doubt, but it is a highly rated permanent hunting blind that is 5′ by 5′ by 6’6".  You don’t have to worry about rodents or the weather because this blind is made of ply board with aluminum walls. It’s insulated and has shelves inside. 


This Shadow Hunter blind also has a plywood floor that’s carpeted. The ply board walls keeps the noise down, so you don’t have to worry about making noise and scaring away the deer you’re hunting.


If you’re looking for a hunting blind that isn’t going to blow away on a windy day, or just have other reasons for not wanting to buy a less expensive fabric blind, a solidly constructed deer hunting blind like the Shadow Hunter or The Blind might be what you need. These structures are more permanent and offer many, many of years of use for an avid deer hunter.


This blind can be elevated and it has a generous weight limit when elevated of 1000 pounds. The Shadow Hunter Total View is expensive but a good investment for an avid deer hunter with special needs, who maybe can’t get into a tree stand or who needs to hunt with a partner or child. 


There are cheaper Shadow Hunter blinds, including the Shadow Hunter Wild One Gun/Bow Combo hunting blinds, but the materials of construction aren’t the same. You’ll want to take note of that when you choose a blind to purchase. Property managers of hunting land can place these hunting blinds around the property in areas where hunters need access but there isn’t a lot of natural cover.


If you’re in the market to buy a well-constructed deer hunting blind for gun or archery hunting, the Shadow Hunter Total View is an option to seriously conside